Tango Trail Concerts, Aug. 23, at Stowe Tango Festival

Mary Oleskiewicz (flute), Francisco “Pancho” Navarro (guitar), and Sergio Reyes (violin)

Mary Oleskiewicz
Mary Oleskiewicz

On Saturday, Aug. 23, The Stowe Tango Festival is featuring a musical “Tango Trail.” Our trio will be performing music of the Guardia Vieja as the first stop on the trail. Attending the series of Tango Trail concerts is FREE. The concerts will take place in different venues around the village of Stowe, VT, and each represents a different stage in the history of tango. The concerts will be followed by a grand milonga that evening.

For more information, click here.

More about Francisco Navarro, click here.

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Bach Perspectives 11: J.S. Bach and His Sons

The American Bach Society has issued a call for submissions for volume 11 of Bach Perspectives, to be edited by Mary Oleskiewicz.  To have a paper considered for inclusion, submission in the form of a completed essay is due Sept. 1, 2014.

The volume will contain a selection of scholarly essays on various topics surrounding the sons of J.S. Bach, which was the topic of the society’s conference held at Kenyon College in May 2014.

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Listening and Dancing to Troilo — Hosted by Montango (Montreal) July 13

Mary Oleskiewicz
Mary Oleskiewicz

As part of the celebrations marking the Golden Age Tango Orchestra leader and virtuoso bandoneonist Aníbal Troilo’s centenary, MonTango invites you to a special workshop: Tango Music and Movement: Listening and Dancing to Troilo


Montango Dance Studio
5588A, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1W3; Tel. +1 514-486-5588, info@montango.ca

Workshop Information:

This workshop will teach you how to listen to and recognize the distinctive musical style of Aníbal Troilo’s tango orchestra. The evolution of his style, which spans the years 1938 to 1975, offers a fascinating look at the gradual style changes in tango music and the development of the Orquesta Típica. Following the listening portion of the workshop, we will introduce carefully designed exercises in movement quality to help dancers feel and express Troilo’s special brand of phrasing and lyricism. Prerequisite: Tango 4 or equivalent (a year or more of regular classes and practice). No prior technical musical knowledge is necessary; no partner needed.

Mary Oleskiewicz is an internationally recognized musicologist, master teacher of music, and authority on European and Latin American music. She is also a prizewinning flutist and a player of the bandoneon. Mary began dancing Argentine Tango in 2005 and specializes in teaching Tango musicality. Read more about her at http://www.MaryOleskiewicz.com/

Note that this workshop replaces the guided practice. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., right before the Café-Croissant-Tango.

$20 members, $25 non-members, milonga included.



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April Tango Performance and Workshop (Providence, Rhode Island)

Marco y Mary
Marco y Mary

On Friday, April 25th, Marco y Mary (M&M Tango) will perform Argentine tango at the Tango Incident, hosted by Providence Tango, Providence Rhode Island.  They will also teach a workshop in Tango Musicality on the following day, April 25, from 1-3pm.

For more details about the workshop, see http://www.providencetango.com/events.php#MaryyMarco

For details about the milonga and performance, see http://www.providencetango.com

Visit M&M Tango’s Facebook Page

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March Musicality Classes by M&M Tango

By popular demand, Marco y Mary will offer two new musicality series:

Marco y Mary

(1)   Tango Beat Basics, 1pm to 2:00 pm (perfect for beginners, but valuable to experienced dancers)

(2)   Introductory Tango Movement and Music, 2:00pm to 3:30pm (mixed levels)

*We guarantee that your ability to hear, understand, and express the rhythms, phrases, and structure of tango music will dramatically improve by taking these classes. Offered back to back, the two courses will complement each other. No partner needed. (Detailed class descriptions at the bottom).

Mixed level. No partner necessary. We will listen AND dance.
Sundays, March 2, 9, 16, 23
Location: Dance Union, 16 Bow St., Union Square, Somerville

Discounted Pre-Registration prices available:
(1)   Tango Beat Basics, $60 (four 1-hour classes); drop in $20/$18 students
(2)   Introductory Music and Movement, $65 (four 1.5 hour classes); drop-in $23/$20 students

To register with paypal: info@bostontango.org
Free parking at Citizen’s bank lot, across the street
More information: contact Mary Oleskiewicz on FB, or at amor_y_vals@hotmail.com


*Class Descriptions:

(1)   “Tango Beat Basics”:  If you have trouble finding and following the beat or would like to understand rhythm, beat, and syncopation, this class is for YOU. If you would like to be more sensitive and subtle in how to express beats and tango rhythms in your movement, this class is also for YOU. If you want to maximize your experience in the Music and Movement Series, this class is for YOU.  No new figures will be introduced.

N.B. Each Tango Beat Basics class serves both to transition new and returning students smoothly into that day’s “Tango Music and Movement” class, as well as reinforce concepts that you may have already encountered. If you have not taken musicality with M&M Tango previously, you should sign up for this course before taking a class in the Music and Movement series. You may take the Tango Beat Basics class prior to any single class in the series, or you may take it as a separate series.

(2)   “Introductory Tango Music and Movement” (continuation series). These classes will develop your listening skills and teach you (1) to be able to hear and dance to the musical structures are phrases that comprise a piece of tango music and (2) the techniques of movement quality needed to move musically and sensitively to different kinds of tango music and to different orchestras. We will cover tango, vals, and milonga.  This is a well-structured course that develops a system for you to understand music and movement by breaking down concepts clearly, simply, and systematically. Exercises will employ figures you already know. If you have not had previous musicality classes with us, the Tango Beat Basics will prepare you.


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