World Premiere Recording of Quantz Flute Concertos

Album cover

(New Release!) Johann Joachim Quantz Flute Concertos, Naxos 8.573120

Flute Concerto in A minor, (QV 5:238)
1. Allegretto
2. Arioso ma non troppo
3. Allegro assai

Flute Concerto in G major (QV 5:165)
1. Allegretto
2. Arioso
3. Presto

Flute Concerto in C minor (QV 5:38)
1. Allegro
2. Lento
3. Vivace

Flute Concerto in D minor (QV 5:38)
1. Allegro
2. Lento
3. Vivace

Mary Oleskiewicz, baroque transverse flute after J. J. Quantz, a′ = 385 Hz
Concerto Armonico
Miklos Spanyi, director

Artistic Director: Mary Oleskiewicz
Released  July 2013

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