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  1. Dhiraj says:

    Tom Stermitz, a well-respected teacher in US, had this to say about gedenr imbalance in Tango recently (2006, Tango-L): Women have multiple ways to become excited about tango, and in N. America women are more likely to have danced as children. A beginner woman can get a pretty amazing dance from an advanced leader, so she is more likely to see the rewards of sticking it out.It is difficult to create the equivalent for the man.Performance anxiety, in terms of social success and in getting her to do the dance steps, is probably the biggest obstacle for the men Retention of the guys happens if the teacher can create the following learning experience: At the end of a one hour class, most of the guys can walk their partner through a dance at a regular milonga. They are still beginners, but they can manage (feel they are in control of) their simple vocabulary, they aren’t running into people or stopping in confusion, and they feel like they are almost dancing. Notice it is about whether they FEEL successful. Then he went to describe some strategies than he had personally put to practice. Seems to complement very well the sentiments I expressed above.

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