Critical Editions

Four Sonatas for Flute and Basso Continuo, by King Frederick “the Great” of Prussia (first ed.), Breitkopf & Härtel, 2012. Click here to order.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Solo Sonatas, C.P.E. Bach: The Complete Works, vol. II/1 (Los Altos: Packard Humanities Institute, 2008). Click here for information or to order. To see a review, click here.

Johann Joachim Quantz: Six Quartets for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Basso Continuo (Ann Arbor: Steglein Publishing, 2004). Click here for further information

Johann Joachim Quantz: Seven Trio Sonatas, Recent Researches in Music of the Baroque Era, vol. 111 (Middleton, Wis.: A-R Editions, 2001). Click here for contents and ordering information

Articles and Book Chapters

“Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and the Flute” Flutist Quarterly 39/no. 4 (Summer 2014): 20–30.

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“The Flutist of Sanssouci: Frederick ‘the Great’ as Composer and Performer,” Flutist Quarterly 18 (Fall 2012): 19–26; a translation of the same article has been published in FLUIT, the quarterly journal of the Dutch Flute Society

“Music at the Court of Brandenburg-Prussia,” Chapter 3 in:  Music at German Courts, 1715–1760: Changing Artistic Priorities, ed. Samantha Owens, Barbara M. Reul, and Janice B. Stockigt (Woodbridge, Suffolk, U.K.: Boydell and Brewer, 2011), 79–130

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“Chamber Music and Piano Music/Kammermusik und Klaviermusik,” in The Archive of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin: Catalogue/Das Archiv der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin: Katalog, edited by Axel Fischer and Matthias Kornemann (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2009), 97–110/191–205

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“The Art of the Cadenza: Improvisation and Composition in Eighteenth-Century Sonatas and Concertos for Flute,” in Geschichte, Bauweise und Spieltechnik der Querflöte: 27. Musikinstrumentenbau-Symposion Michaelstein, 6. bis 8. Oktober 2006, edited by Boje E. Hans Schmuhl with Monika Lustig (Augsburg: Wißner, 2008), 237–62

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“Like Father, Like Son? Emanuel Bach and the Writing of Biography,” in Music and Its Questions: Essays in Honor of Peter Williams, edited by Thomas Donahue (Richmond, Va.: Organ Historical Society Press, 2007), 253–79. Click here more more information or to order.

“More on Fasch and the Canonic Trio Sonata,” in Johann Friedrich Fasch als Instrumentalkomponist: Bericht über die Internationale Wissenschaftliche Konferenz am 8. und 9. April 2005 im Rahmen der 9. Internationalen Fasch-Festtage in Zerbst, edited by Kostanze Musketa (Beeskow: Ortus, 2007), 109–29

“The Rise of Italian Chamber Music,” chapter 3 in The World of Baroque Music, edited by George Stauffer (Indiana University Press, 2006)

“Quantz’s Quatuors and Other Works Newly Discovered,” Early Music 31 (2003): 484–505. Click here for abstract and audio examples

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“The Flutes of Quantz: Their Construction and Performing Practice,” Galpin Society Journal 52 (2000): 201–20; please click here for audio examples illustrating this paper

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“A Museum, a World War, and a Rediscovery: Flutes by Quantz and Others from the Hohenzollern Museum,” Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society 24 (1998): 107–45

Reviews and Other Publications

Review of Christoph Henzel, Graun-Werkverzeichnis (GraunWV), and Tobias Schwinger, Die Musikaliensammlung Thulemeier und die Berliner Musiküberlieferung in der zweiten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts (with David Schulenberg), Notes 64 (2008): 722–7

“A Pope, a Prophet, and the Politics of Mozart’s Idomeneo in Berlin,” Newsletter of the Mozart Society of America 11/1 (January 2007): 12–15

“Italian Opera at German Courts and the Return of Mattheson’s Boris Goudenow,” review article, The Court Historian (journal of The Society for Court Studies) 11/1 (July 2006): 59–69

“Quantz’s Flute Quartets Lost and Found,” Flute Talk 24 (April 2005): 13–20

“In Memoriam: Edward R. Reilly,” Society for Eighteenth-Century Music Newsletter, no. 4 (April 2004), 2

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Review of recent editions of chamber music by Telemann, Christoph Graupner, and Antonio Bononcini, in Music Library Association Notes 56 (1999–2000): 235–9

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Reply to Eberhard Dehne-Niemann, Tibia: Magazine für Holzbläser 23 (1998): 163–4

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