New Tango Musicality Series with Marco y Mary, Oct. 6 to Oct. 27 (Somerville, MA)

Marco y Mary

Mary and Marco will offer a five-class musicality series on Rhythm and Accent, hosted by the Tango Society of Boston. All events take place at Dance Union, 16 Bow St., Somerville, MA.

Each class will precede either a milonga or a practica guided by instructors Marco and Mary. The final class will feature musicality in contemporary tango music and will precede “Tango to the MMMax” hosted by Boston Alternative Tango.

I. Sun., Oct. 6, 6-7:15, followed by free guided practica (“Mix It Up,” DJ Maya), 7:15-10
II. Sat., Oct.19, 7:30-9, followed by “La Milonga” (DJ Darian), 9pm-1am
III. Sun., Oct. 20, 6-7:15, followed by free guided practica (“Mix It Up”, DJ Nanying), 7:15-10
IV. Sat., Oct. 26, 7:30-9, followed by “Cambalache Milonga” (DJ Roger 9-10pm; DJ Maya 10-2am)
V. Sun., Oct. 27, 7:30-9, followed by special milonga “Tango to the MMMax” (DJ Janice)

Admission: $15 Class / $20 Class and Milonga (“La Milonga” and “Cambalache Milonga”) ; “Tango to the MMMax” separate admission only

Class Topics:
I. Tango Untangled: Dividing and Biding Time, Syncopation and Accent
II. Curvy Vals: Circling the Floor with Doublets and Triplets
III. Mastering Milonga Rhythms: Syncopation and Acc[id]ent!
IV. Hip Hemiola Rhythms (or 3:2): a Non-Platonic Greek Heritage
V. Beating the Rhythm out of Tango: Nuevo!

This series, for levels of advanced beginner and above, will explore the varied rhythms, accents, and syncopations of the music of Argentine Tango. Many rhythmic patterns are found in almost every song you will dance to, but other special rhythms and effects are only used by certain orchestras. Whether you lead or follow, the material presented in this series is guaranteed to increase your grasp of the music and will allow you to create a more interesting, sensual and musically expressive dance.

Participants will learn to hear and move to rhythms accompanied by live bandoneon demonstrations and tango recordings. Listening exercises developed to train your ear will be complemented with expert movement instruction.


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