“The recording is beautiful and impresses by the acoustical balance of the voices…the gentle flute sound…and an excellent intonation”

for Tibia Magazine (Moeck Verlag)

Mary Oleskiewicz, flute; Elizabeth Field, violin; Daniel Elyar, viola; Stephanie Vial, cello; David Schulenberg, harpsichord / Hungaroton HCD 32286

Translated from the original German:

In November 2003 an electrifying piece of news was delivered in Early Music by Mary Oleskiewicz: Quantz’ Quatuors and other works newly recovered. The modern edition (review by Michael Schneider in Tibia 1/2004, p. 64) is now followed by the CD as an audio document of this small sensation…Contrary to many audio recordings of whole cycles, which become more and more boring as one listens to the whole compilation, the variety of the Quartets gives the listener no reason for fatigue. This speaks highly not only of the quality of the music, but of the interpreters as well. The recording is beautiful and impresses by the acoustical balance of the voices and the gentle flute sound, also helped by the low pitch (a = 385 Hz) and an excellent intonation. The performance demonstrates the meaning of “Ensemble” in the strict sense of the word. The musicians play vividly, express “Affects” [Baroque ’emotions’], explore sentiments, yet without showing sololistic ambitions which would run contrary to the intent of the compositions….”

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