Tango Musicality Class in Albuquerque, NM

The Tango Club of Albuquerque is hosting Mary on Tuesday, June 19 to teach a musicality workshop. The 1-hour class will take place at 7:30pm at the Lloyd Shaw Dance Center in Albuquerque, prior to the milonga:


This workshop, for dancers of all levels, will clarify fundamental musical differences between Argentine Tango and Milonga and discuss the origins of milonga’s distinctive musical characteristics. Milonga is a dance with many competing musical layers, and even experienced dancers can find themselves challenged by its speed and rhythmic complexity. The good news is that only some of what is going on in the music needs to be danced. Recognizing the essential, underlying Milonga rhythms and their recurring patterns will boost your confidence, improve your musicality, and will make dancing milonga easier and more pleasurable for both leader and follower.

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