Tango Musicality Class in Albuquerque, NM, July 17

The Rhythm of Milonga, Part II (Musicality and Movement)

The Tango Club of Albuquerque is hosting Mary on Tuesday, July 17 to teach a musicality workshop.
The class will take place at 7:30pm at the Lloyd Shaw Dance Center in Albuquerque, prior to the milonga.
Mary will be assisted by Jeremy Sment on Double Bass.

No partner needed, since we will work on independent movement. No previous musical experience necessary.
No worries if you did not attend Part I, since we will recap rhythmic concepts covered previously.

Class Description:

This class, for dancers of all levels, will reinforce and build upon the fundamental Milonga rhythms covered
in Part I, and will emphasize their connection to physical movement. By popular demand, the class will
distinguish, in straightforward terms, the differences between the basic milonga rhythms, which are essential
to every dancer, and more advanced rhythms called “syncopations,” which are an embellishment of the basic
rhythmic pattern (and optional to the dancer). To the sound of live tango instruments (Bandoneon and Double Bass)
and traditional recordings, participants will learn to hear, feel, and step to the most important rhythms in
virtually any milonga.

About Mary

Mary Oleskiewicz lives in Boston and has been dancing tango since 2005. She tours with the Qtango Orchestra on
flute and bandoneon. While residing in Berlin as a Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation and teaching at the University
of the Arts, she developed and taught tango musicality classes at Brigitta Winkler’s Phoenix Studio. An Associate
Professor of Music at the University of Massachusetts, Mary is internationally known as a prize-winning flutist,
recording artist, and widely published musicologist. Mary has performed in Boston’s Symphony Hall, New York’s Lincoln
Center and around the world as a flute soloist; she also performs with Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society Orchestra,
Arcadia Players, and Newton Baroque.

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